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Friday, September 2, 2011

My Crycle Boyz

So I met some folks from Canada while I was trying to kill myself in Sturgis. 2 of this group who also happen to be brothers own and run the shop Cycle Boyz that just happens to be in friendly Brandon, Manitoba. I don't know what our border patrol agents are doing letting these ruffians into our country with wrestling masks, but I laughed at them and then got clobbered for it. I guess I should just feel lucky to have not been called a hoser after the abuse I received.

Some bike pics now because its not about getting drunk having fun and hitting americans with chairs while you have a mexican wrestling mask ojn.

Tank was done wwith a sharpie. One of the neatest tanks I have seen.

I guess people tailgate in Manitoba too.

So I am still going to believe that Canada is just like them Strange Brew and The Trailer Park Boys movies.

I think they are some good dudes take a look