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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alien Vs. Predator

Dumb movies ya. But this bike was used in Alien and the predator remake of "Easy rider" I guess the Predator rides this sweet bone'd out bike and the Alien rides a stretched out chopper in the shape of that curley haird bitch Sighorney Weavwhatever. Fucking cool. They do the whole kill a millionaire mexican drug lord and gank his cash. ride up to some hippy fort and kill all the dudes so that pussy hippy DNA might not spread on and maybe Americans will nut up agin in a few generations. they go spring a bunch of club guys out of Jail(FUCK THE FEDS), go to some shit hole town get fucked up and kill everybody and scoot on over to Russia for some more of the same. I LIVE WITH THIS MIND AT ALL TIMES!!!!

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Roadside Marty said...

I wanna play the part of the Mexican drug lord!!!!