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Friday, August 12, 2011

My ride to and from sturgis

I left Friday morning from Kansas city to go meet up with my BroSS in Cedar Rapids Iowa. We would get hammered and then head the 70 miles south to Ainsworth to the Papa Clutch open house get hammered fest. Well BroSS that didn't happen like we wanted. My first gas stop which was about 80 miles away from Kansas city when my bike wouldn't start back up.I had to push start it and ride to a walmart because I just knew it was a bad battery. Well it wasn't the fucking battery, and boom im out a that money. I went to a O'rileys and the dude didn't want to help me with loaning a multimeter till he saw I was on a bike and we then got it figured out it was my Regulator.
By now my bike is cutting out intermittently because I assumed there was a short and its tripping my circuit breaker. Oh and it blew out all my lights too. So I unplugged the regulator and the headlight and headed back to kansas city. While heading to KC I got caught up in the rain that i was well ahead of prior to leaving. Riding down I35 with no headlight mad as hell tons of rain and part of me wanted to just go and stay home. I got to North Kansas city to some Harley aftermarket store got me a regulator and now im 4 hours fucked over.
I got to Cedar rapids around 4 or 5 and was greeted by 3 homies that were ready to party. However my bike was crapping out oil because one of them shitty compression clamps on one of the oil lines broke. Kruse just happened to have one and a trip to a Kum And Go we had oil and gas and we were blasting down the road to Papa Clutch party.
Next morning I wake up hurting from my sins of last night and just about everyone had fucked off. I say good bye to Jason Carney and Kruse and get on down the road. I guess I made it 50 miles when I lose power to my rear chain and I freak out thinking i just lost my transmission. I start calling and texting folks and either they are on the road or sleeping. So I cried on facebook about being stranded and not soon after that 5/8's from Cedar Rapids shows up with a truck and a ramp. I got ahold of Kruse not long after and he tells me to bring the bike to Papa Clutch and we will get it fixed.
Got the bike to Tim's shop we tear into it and come to find out I had stripped my Clutch hub. Well theres a dude in town who has a fuck ton of bike parts but he wont be back to his place till 1pm. I think this was around 10 when we got to the point we needed the new part. 1:45 I get to his place with the bad part in hand and yup he don't have one for a BDL. Back to the shop and 30 min trying to determine the part number of what I needed and we call J&P cycles. The asshole on the opposite side of the phone line says "oh ya we got one here in stock come get it". Cool. I drive TIm's wife's Cadillac the 90 minutes to the store stand in the fucking line and the fat bastard on the other side of the counter says it aint there.he mashes buttons for awhile then gets on a radio and some kid shows up says he will go look and 20 min later comes back and says "it left june 8th". FUCK YOU J&P!
Well I am pretty screwed at this point and I say to Tim "Theres a Sucker punch Sally bike in the parking lot that has the belt drive as I do." He says to me Ya thats Ross ill go ask him". Well 2 hours later the bikes running and my minds blown by this guy from Illinois who just hooked me up so I could get back on the road. He is out a bike and Im heading to Sturgis. Oh ya and I'm supposed to hook up with Darren and Roadside Marty in Sioux Falls South Dakota that night to party. On the road again.
It took me 6 hours to do 400 miles and in that time I lost the jam nut from my clutch adjuster, the mount to the Gopro camera broke and sent the camera spilling all over the highway. I found the camera, battery, memory card, and the battery case thing. Walking around some highway with the sun light almost gone i couldn't find the case for the whole thing.
Interstate 90 at night going through Minnastoa had to be the most boring thing I have ever done. I bet I went 30 miles without seeing another soul on the road. My headlight isnt the brightest and it probably needs to point a little higher then 2 feet off my front tire I also don't have a light on my speedometer as well so nights can be hard Oh well. I get to Sioux falls and the bastards are already passed out and now I'm ticked off because I should be passed out too. I ride another 45 miles or so ad find a field thats dark as hell and set up a tent and fall the hell asleep.
I wake up break camp send a text or 2 and go get gas and food. I find a electrical outlet plug my phone and go do the stuff I needed to get done. I come back and the Iphones dead and not charging. ya me it's sunday to so aint shit going to be open.The Girl at the gas station tells me I will have to goto Rapid City to find a cellphone store. I don't have any numbers stored in my head, so if shit went bad I was pretty screwed.
The ride on interstate 90 that morning was fun as hell. It was all RV's, trucks trailering bikes, and even a few dudes on scooters. I would just get into folks groups and ride with them for awhile laughing at all the shenanigans going on around me.I tried to high five a dude on a triglide. I saw one trailer with 6 road glide ultra classic kings on it. It looked and reminded me of a shitty disney ride. "Hey bros hop on our stationary motorcycles while we drive you around the country." I don't know if it would work but its worth a shot. I think i saw 2 bikes that weren't twincams. Both were shovels and one of them was actually being ridden.
Weather was good that day a little cold and caught rain near Rapid City (i got a new phone), but the rain let off by Sturgis and I found the buffalo chip and the Cycle Source guys. I got to sleep in their big trailer for the 4 days I was there. Met up with some new folks ( another story). As far as the bike goes I had to buy a new chain from J&P, but that was about it. The Bike was fine the whole time I was there. South Dakota was cool, but no way I could live there.

taken near Sioux Falls I was staring to lose it.
Thursday the 11th I left Stugis hungover with 3 hours of sleep and 0 motivation to go home. Weather looked fine and I had a easy ride till I hit Sioux Falls then the rain got me. I got hammered by rain till I got out of town made it down to Sioux City Iowa and just south till I had to call it quits.I slept in a picnic gazebo while some gnarly ass thunderstorm rolled by me. I woke up the next morning to rain and I got it all the way home. Interstate 29 was closed near Council bluffs so the detour added a couple hours to me shitty day. I stopped at a walmart bought a sweet sweat suite and another rain suite. I guess Iowa has the most funniest hicks in the country because they ALL asked me if I was getting wet out there. Man I hate people. less then 300 miles was what I had to do when I woke up on the 12th and it took 6 hours.

My hotel room outside of Sioux City
The ride sucked ass. However becuase of folks like Tim Anding, Nate Wesack, and Ross DuMonte I got to have a good time in sturgis. I can not thank these 3 men enough. I needed help and they gave it to me. Thank you very much. Im sure the pain of this ride will fade and the good memories will all stay. but it beats mowing the lawn or working for a living.

Back in Missouri


BullDog said...

Trips like that one are what let you know you're alive broSS!! Just another great story to tell later on man.

BullDog said...

"There's not enough chicks here, that's my memory"....quote to live by broSS!!!!